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All the financial support available amid Covid-19 lockdowns in Sydney

Cameron Carpenter

Need help? Here's everything you need to know about the support available during this latest lockdown.

Cases of coronavirus continue to soar in New South Wales, with Premier Gladys Berejiklian warning that lockdowns are likely to be extended.

So what financial help is available at this time for people impacted by the lockdowns? Here's all the info on all the payments available.

1. Covid-19 disaster payment – for people who've been unable to work due to the lockdown

A payment is available to any Australian or working visa holder unable to work due to a coronavirus lockdown that lasts more than seven days.

If you've lost less than 20 hours of work, you can receive $450 for each relevant period of lockdown. If you lost 20 hours or more of work, you can receive $750 for each relevant period of lockdown.

For all the details about this payment, see

2. Pandemic leave disaster payment – for anyone who's been unable to work because they've been directed to self-isolate or quarantine, or caring for someone who has Covid-19

If you're eligible, the government will pay you $1,500 for each 14-day period you've been told to self-isolate or quarantine, or are caring for someone with Covid-19. For all the details, visit

3. JobSeeker payment – Β for those who have lost their job

If you've lost your job, you are eligible for the JobSeeker unemployment payment.

For more details about JobSeeker, visit

4. Extra support to help you pay your energy bills during lockdown

All energy companies are now required to offer a payment plan or hardship arrangements to any customers doing it tough and struggling to pay their bills during the lockdowns. Contact your energy provider for more details.

5. 50% fine reductions for those experiencing financial hardship

The New South Wales government offers 50% fine reductions for those experiencing financial hardship due to the pandemic. To be eligible, you'll need to be on a benefit when the fine was issued and apply for the reduction before the fine is overdue. More details at

6. Food packages through local food banks

If you're doing it tough, never be ashamed to ask for help. There are dozens of food banks right across Sydney that can assist you with food parcels. To find food banks near you, visit and enter your postcode.

More details about the financial support available can be accessed at